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Holiday BigBuild 2017 Winner!
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Special Announcement - Drum Roll Please - Shadowcreator won!!

Mountbatten's Xmas Night In


Spoiler! :

The best entry will win a Custom Forum Rank of Big Build Winner as well as your statue placed in the winners lounge in the hub! The winner will also receive a late holiday present from wokka in the mail!

The Staff will be hosting a big build event, aiming to see builds inspired by the holidays from Dec 15th to Dec 24th in the Event Arena!

To Sign Up: go to the event arena and grab yourself a plot. Only one plot per person or risk disqualification... or worse...

To get to the event arena: From the hub, walk into the igloo or type /bigbuild.

More Details and Rules!

  • Build something that fits the theme.

  • The Event Arena will open Dec 15th, and closes on Dec 24th, for judging.

    Build early!

  • Entries can be anything pertaining to the holiday spirit.

  • Judges will pick the best three entries, as well as "honorable mentions".

  • Claiming more than one plot will result in disqualification from the contest and possibly a suspension!

  • Teams: no teams for this event please, compete!

  • Judges for this event are Derigin, Tulonsae, and wokka

Notice: The Events Arena will be closed for judging at the end of the week, on Dec 24th, 2017 - You have a bit over ONE WEEK to build your entry!

When the Event Starts:

Posted by: wokka1 on 25 Dec 2017, 17:37 Full Article
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Hello folks!

Pb got the bright idea to reincarnate the good old secret santa event! Yet ofcourse he has to do "more important" stuff so I was passed on the task of managing it. :roll:

So as usual, you just sign up down in the comments section or by letting me know in one way or the other that you are in. :D By the 11th all participants will be mixed together and everyone will be assigned one random player to construct a special gift for. Shhh... here's the secret part, dont tell anyone who you got! Who knows, maybe there is an extra reward to collect if you manage to guess who your secret santa was?

The event will be held at the roadcrossing between Carthage and Deltaria (x:1130 z:-440, magna). Note that the last day to sign up is the 10th .

Happy gifting! :D

EDIT: Thank you all for signing up! The event is now CLOSED and its time to get on with the gift making! :D I want to clearify that I did not intend for all of you to build your gifts as some seem to think, and I therefore have no plots for you to build on. But If you want to build something for this, be my guest! I'd build elsewhere and leave a note in one of the gift chests with the co-ords, but you are all creative, you'll figure it out! [:

Posted by: Ifiwy on 04 Dec 2017, 16:00 Full Article
New Mining World Available
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New Mining World!

We have just introduced a new world to our set of EC Worlds. For your resource needs and mining pleasure, welcome to


This world is NOT for permanent building. You can build shelters and so forth, but the world is subject to being replaced when we think it should be, and builds will not be saved. Chests will lock. Please remember that Shulker boxes do not lock.

The world is a bit more dangerous than our normal survival worlds. Here are just a few of the differences.

  • No claims. (You will get a no permission message if you try.)

  • Difficulty is set to Hard

  • Creepers destroy blocks when they explode

  • Endermen steal blocks

  • Players and mobs trample crops

Mine, strip mine, gather resources to your heart's content.

You will find the portal in the Hub on the main level. The Horizons portal has been moved downstairs.

The Magna spawn also has a portal to the Mining world.

Posted by: Tulonsae on 23 Nov 2017, 00:11 Full Article
Maps, oh glorious maps
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Our maintenance downtime yesterday was largely for this: and this

The link on the front page side side nav bar is updated with it as well. They are not real time, and will update every morning at 6am server time, but now you can see your builds and plan your global conquer tactics.

We are going to look at going to dynamic maps in the future, but careful planning will have to be done for that, since it's usually resource intensive on the server for them, but we'll see what can be done.

Let a staff member know if you have any questions.

--edit-- Added in the dynmap link

Posted by: wokka1 on 13 Nov 2017, 12:26 Full Article