Gridwords - The Revival

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Gridwords - The Revival

Post by BigC_1 » 14 Jul 2014, 21:12

I have been given permission from haxxorzd00d to revive this game because I personally loved it, and I wished it went further than it did. So I have copied the original OP from the original thread, which is below, so when it says words such as "I" remember that it is referring to him and not me. Additionally, all credit is given to haxx for this game. Please note that this is starting fresh and not continuing from the original thread's story.


Welcome to a new kind of story game!
Gridwords is a concept that I came up with while bored at work one day. It's a collaborative writing game guided by a healthy mix of luck and imagination. Players need to be imaginative and enjoy writing; this is a team effort and spoilsports will not be tolerated.

So what is it?
Gridwords starts with, well, a grid of words. Using a random number generator, you select words as 'themes' for a story, and write an opening paragraph. The next player then generates more words, and continues the story.

How to play:

Remember: If you're starting a new story, use THREE words. If you're continuing a previous one, only use TWO. This allows for a good starting premise, and keeps the story flowing better.

To start a new story:
  • Step 1: Open up the random number generator at
    Step 2: Generate three pairs of numbers using the number of rows/columns in the grid as a maximum. Match these pairs of numbers to three words from the grid. (The first number is across, second number is down)
    For example: (4,4) (1,4) (4,3) = Water, Lucky, Science (see the grid below)
    Step 3: Write a starting paragraph of a story using these 3 words as a premise. You can interpret the words however you like, as long as you use all 3. This paragraph can be as long as you wish.
    For example: Scientists experimenting with water accidentally discover a way to control it with their minds! They keep this discovery a secret - or at least, they try to...
    Step 4: Pick a word relevant to your story to add permanently to the grid. Be as broad (e.g. Discovery) or as specific (e.g. Telepathy) as you like, but please be considerate of future players.
    Step 5: Pick any word you like to add to the grid. Again, be as specific as you like (e.g. Adventure, Pirates, Robot, Toaster)
Example post:
Water, Lucky, Science

Scientists experimenting with water accidentally discover a way to control it with their minds! They keep this discovery a secret - or at least, they try to...

Story word: Discovery
My word: Cake

To continue an existing story:
  • Follow the same steps as to start a new story, but only generate TWO words from the grid instead of three. Then write a new paragraph following the previous story arc, incorporating those two words. If you're ready to conclude a story, be sure to write 'THE END' so we know to start a new one.
    REMEMBER: Use THREE words to start a story, and TWO to continue each paragraph. It's alright, I won't be mad if you use three words, but I think two keeps the flow of the story tighter.
Grid Level 4 (15 words to level up)
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Re: Gridwords - The Revival

Post by Josh349 » 15 Jul 2014, 11:50

Ok, not sure if I have got this right, but....
[3,2] - [6,5] - [5,4]
Surprise - Past - Revenge.

Georgio could not get over the fact that all those years ago, his brother - believing it to be a fun idea - made him jump whilst he was atop Beachy Head. This had caused him to drop his beloved pet hedgehog over the cliff...

Story word: Suicide
My word: Castle

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