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Post by zekesonxx » 07 Feb 2016, 20:47

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08:11:42 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] fuck u jojogemfinder lol noob
08:12:03 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] sry that was my brother
08:12:50 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] ;(
08:13:42 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] ;)
08:14:20 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] hi
08:14:23 PM <HorBot> [Bischoff5] hi
08:15:29 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] ;)
08:16:50 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] it it ok to hacl on this server????
08:16:59 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] hack*
08:17:08 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] or not
08:17:09 PM <HorBot> [Bischoff5] i dont think so
08:17:15 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] ok
08:19:08 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] lol
08:19:27 PM <HorBot> [JoJoGemFinder] ;)
08:20:07 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] JoJoGemFinder... I have something to admit...
08:20:16 PM <HorBot> [garretgreen] what?
08:20:29 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] I love you a lot...
08:21:02 PM <HorBot> [garretgreen] senpi noticed me (:
08:21:37 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] I was actually wonerind if we could anilly fuck...
08:23:09 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] garretgreen
08:23:39 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] does any1 wanna fuck with me
08:24:40 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] arizons
08:24:49 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] fuck me right in the pussy
08:25:56 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] jfsdkjfskfgskdfisuhfkjshdklfjhskda
08:25:59 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] hldfgoidhgifHSGLDIYFGSDAFSTT
08:26:00 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] R
08:26:02 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:03 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] TT
08:26:05 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] TTT
08:26:06 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:07 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:08 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:09 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] TT
08:26:10 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:11 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:12 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:13 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:14 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:15 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:16 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:17 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] T
08:26:18 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] TRF
08:26:19 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] D
08:26:20 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] S
08:26:21 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] S
08:26:22 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] SETEST
08:26:23 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] E
08:26:25 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRRTYRTY
08:26:26 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRTYRT
08:26:27 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YTR
08:26:28 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:29 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:30 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:31 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:32 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YR
08:26:33 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YR
08:26:34 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YTR
08:26:35 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRT
08:26:36 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YR
08:26:37 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:38 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRTY
08:26:39 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:40 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:41 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:56 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] TR
08:26:57 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:58 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:26:59 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YTR
08:27:00 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:01 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:02 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:03 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YTRYRTY
08:27:04 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:05 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YR
08:27:06 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:07 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRTY
08:27:08 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YRTYT
08:27:09 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:10 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YTR
08:27:11 PM <HorBot> [salvatore2254] How Do I Leave Captrue The Flag?
08:27:12 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YT
08:27:13 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YR
08:27:14 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:15 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:16 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:17 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] Y
08:27:18 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] YT
08:27:19 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] R
08:27:20 PM <HorBot> [salvatore2254] How Do I Leave Captrue The Flag????
08:27:21 PM <HorBot> [salvatore2254] Help plz
08:27:34 PM <HorBot> [MJR528] FUCK YOU ALL
08:27:42 PM <HorBot> [salvatore2254] y me :(
08:28:05 PM <HorBot> [salvatore2254] ;(

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Re: MJR528

Post by BlackKnight » 08 Feb 2016, 01:13

Yep, just saw this when I checked irc. He/She has now been dealt with.
"Maybe God or fate or nature or random chance put your life on hard mode... Who gives a shit... Beat the game anyway" ~Boogie2988

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