I'm back, oh, and about Vildare

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I'm back, oh, and about Vildare

Post by wokka1 » 10 Nov 2017, 12:56

Howdy folks, I haven't been active in a while, but as always with minecraft (and Escapecraft) it's so easy to get back involved and sucked into the fun. Yeah, I don't play in the game much anymore, but I really do enjoy the admin side of things, keeping the server running, etc.

Thinks to note, we are actively working on making things smoother in the game, better play, no lag, etc. To help with that, I've ordered a shiny new (used) server. Our current hardware is 5 1/2 years old and while it still works good, I think newer hardware will do better. Going from 8 core's of CPU up to 20, 48gb of RAM up to 128gb and moving to SSD RAID, so should be better. Now, since these servers don't just run Minecraft, it will not get all of these glorious resources (and don't today). I have other hobbies, etc and that's how I pay/justify for things, minecraft and escapecraft just get to benefit from it. Either way, it's faster hardware and you guys get to enjoy some of it.

Now, about Vildare. We've talked about it amongst the staff and all agree it was a bit rushed and probably not a great seed for a new world. It's not going away for a long time, it's here and can be used by players who have created regions there, however, we are going to lock it to new players. We'd prefer to send new players over to Magna, it has more biomes to pick from and is a better seed overall. For those of you who have settled in Vildare, stay and enjoy if you want. If you want to be amongst other players more, we can offer you a move of your build to a suitable location on Magna if you like.

Also, we are going to close down the Nether and The End for Vildare, those are both available for Horizons and Magna and no reason to waste resources on them for Vildare.

Lastly, feel free to reply or hit us up on Discord if you have questions, comments, feedback on any of this.


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Re: I'm back, oh, and about Vildare

Post by Tulonsae » 10 Nov 2017, 14:14

The Vildare world has now been changed so that only those who were playing on it have access to build. If you were playing on it, and don't have access, contact staff. (There are signs about this at Vildare spawn as well.)

We have now removed the Vildare End and Nether worlds. Minecraft portals (end portal, nether portal) will no longer work. Contact us if you have builds/chests in either place. Please visit either Horizons or Magna for End and Nether worlds.

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