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PvP Now Live

Posted: 13 Sep 2015, 01:30
by Stygian_Inquirer
Hello Everybody,

On Horizons, there have been frequent requests for Player vs. Player combat options. We have heard those requests and are now able to deliver on them. A new PvP arena has been built behind spawn and PvP is active in it. This arena has obstacles and cover and caters to different forms of combat. There is also an area for other players to view the action from above. If you die, you will drop a deathchest that cannot be opened by anyone else. If there are any requests on how to improve the arena or change the PvP mechanics, please post them in the forums.

As we are a friendly server, I want to remind everyone to be friendly to each other and especially to new players. Players found to be tricking new players into walking into the arena so they can attack them will not be tolerated.

Pick up your swords, polish your armour and brew your mystical potables -- PvP is upon us!