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Horizons Server Rules

Post by Stygian_Inquirer » 14 Jul 2015, 15:21

Horizons Server Rules

Participation in the server assumes complete understanding of these rules. An overview of these is present in the tutorial, as well as a web link to this page. If you have completed the tutorial, you assume full responsibility for your actions, and non-compliance will be met with retribution ranging from a kick to a permanent ban, depending on the severity and frequency of the infractions.

1. Don't be a jerk.

Everyone is here to have fun. Don't try to have your fun at the expense of someone else. This serves as a catch-all rule for players who attempt to degrade the experience of others. Don't do that, and you'll be fine.

2. Respect other players.

Do not steal other players' items or destroy their homes. You may not take or break any item or block that does not belong to you, regardless of whether it is claimed or not. Unclaimed areas in the wilderness are fair game, but if you are unsure if an area is claimed, it very likely is. If you did not build it, it does not belong to you, even if the player who does own it has not logged in recently.

Do not be rude in chat or in-game. This includes spamming, insults, threats, harassment, excessive use of capitals, etc. Be nice to each other.

3. Mind your manners.

The server language is English so please keep the general chat (/ch g) in English as much as possible. Please do not swear excessively, and keep discussions of an adult nature in private channels (or, preferably, away from our server, as we do keep logs). Keep in mind that we have a good number of younger players - use your best judgement on what is appropriate and what isn't.

4. Mark your claims.

If you find an area that is marked, make an effort to build a reasonable distance away (such as 20 blocks or so). If you can, mark the borders of your claim. This will indicate to other players that an area is off-limits, and gives them an idea of where they can build.

5. Do not be a mini-mod, rules-lawyer, or indignant.

Do not use these rules as an excuse to build near people, harass people or lower the playing experience of others. If you abuse these rules, you are breaking the rules. In addition to this, do not attempt to enforce the rules if you are not in a position of authority. You are (typically) not responsible for the actions of others; as such, it is not your job nor your place to direct them. Do note, however, that you are of course encouraged to assist new players in learning the policies of the server - just don't be someone who constantly chastises others.

6. Moderators have the final say on what these rules mean - please follow their directions.

If you feel that you have been banned unjustly, you may appeal the ban in our forums. Any judgement made at the end of the appeal is final.

Horizons Claim Policy

Terminology Note: The area where you choose to build is your claim. If a claim is protected by a mod, it is a cuboid/region.

1. Mark areas that you claim as yours and where you want to build clearly.

Here in Horizons, players can claim land as theirs. Claims have to be marked distinctively to let other people know where the boundaries of your claim are so that they do not build too close to you.

2. If you want to protect your land with a region/cuboid, contact a Mod. Make sure you mark the corners.

3. If you want other people to be added to your region/cuboid, ask a Mod.

To protect your land with a region/cuboid, you must contact a Moderator and mark the corners of your proposed region. When a plot of land has been protected with a region for you, only you, Moderators and any other people you wish to add to the claim can build on it or use chests, levers, etc. in them. This protects it from stealing, griefing and other destructive actions. Make sure you trust anyone who you want added to your claim. If you want someone added as a member of your claim or a member with limited privileges, you will have to get a Moderator to do that for you at this point.

4. If you do not have a region/cuboid Mods can still reverse damage by griefers.

Anything you build that is not protected with a region will still be protected in the form of rollbacks, should any griefing happen. If someone damages something you have built, you can contact a Moderator to get some help finding out who did it and with fixing it.

5. Don't expect to claim huge tracts of land when you first join. Mods will make the final decision on acceptable size.

6. Regions/cuboids can be expanded later.

The Moderator will use their judgement when determining the size of your region. If you are a new player who has just started, and you have never built before, do not expect to protect a 100x100 area as a region right away. If you have a particularly ambitious project, the Moderator will use their discretion to decide whether to give you the large tract of land all at once. If the Moderator feels that you are wanting too much land at once, s/he will propose a section of land as a compromise and once you have built it up and need more land, your claim can be expanded if there is still space around to do that. For that reason, if you are planning a big build that does not have a community goal in mind, it is best to do so in the middle of the wilderness so people don't immediately start building close to you before you can get to the point where you can expand. By doing this, we want to avoid having a ton of land being protected with a region for a person when they first join our server and then have them never come back. This leaves an unused claim for a long period of time until it can be marked abandoned and is particularly bad for our community, especially in a densely populated area.

7. Unless otherwise specified, claims go from bedrock to sky.

Claims are bedrock to sky unless specified otherwise to prevent other people from mining out under your claim. Horizons has a subway that runs underground to various places to help people get around quickly and safely and if it runs through your claim, when digging really deep, you may find blocks you cannot break. If this happens, you can ask a Moderator to check if it is the subway.

8. To add a member to a region, a Mod must hear from the region's owner.

If you want to be added to another person's region, a Moderator needs permission of the owner of the region. Saying that you know they would want you to be part of their claim is not good enough. We need to hear it from the region owner.

Claim/Region FAQ

Q. What is a claim?
A. A claim is an area of land where you want to build or where you already have built. A claim does not have special protection like a region does.

Q. What is a Region?
A. A region is an area of land that is protected from being modified by people who are not members of said region.

Q. What is a Cuboid?
A. Cuboid is another term for region, they are interchangeable.

Q. Why would I want a region?
A. A region protects your land when you are not there. Unless they are a member of your region or a Mod, no one will be able to open your chests, break or place blocks and more.

Q. Do I have to have a region?
A. No. If you are far away in the wilderness with no one around, you will likely be hard to find so the chances of being griefed are smaller. Also, even if you don't have a region, an griefing damage can be rolled back by a mod. You can lock your chests without having them in a region by putting a sign on them while writing [Private] on the top line.

Q. Can I setup a region myself?
A. No, you have to ask a mod to do it for you.

Q. Can I add people to my region?
A. You can have a mod do that for you.

Abandoned Claim Policy

Sometimes people leave our servers. It is an unfortunate fact of life that at some point some people will move on. A claim will be checked to see if they are abandoned if an inquiry about it comes from a player or a Moderator. For example, if a player is looking to expand and they find a house/region in the way and that house's owner has not been seen in a while, that player may want to annex the claim. If that is the case, they can notify a Moderator and inquire. In some cases a Moderator may find an eye-sore on the landscape that appears uninhabited or a built up area that is causing problems for other local players. In these situations, it is necessary to determine if a claim/region is abandoned.

If the Moderators determine that a claim is abandoned, signs will be put up at the claim. Also a notice will be posted in a forum thread devoted to abandoned claims informing the player that s/he is at risk of losing their claim. From there, they have 21 days to log in to the server and respond to the notice in-game or on the forum. If there is no response, the region will be removed including all valuables. At this point one of three things could happen. If a player wanted the land to build on and does not care about what is built on it, they can have the claim restored to nature. This will make the land as if no one had touched it and restore any ores that might have been mined from it previously. If they wish to keep what has been built, the claim will stay as it is (minus the valuables) and the new owner can enjoy their new area. If the claim was spotted by a Moderator, it will be posted on a thread to see if anyone wants it should the owner not return. The first responder to this thread will get the claim and can decide what to do with it (i.e. return it to nature or leave it as is). If there are multiple responders, perhaps they can create a sharing arrangement. If this is abused (as in one person trying to claim all the land with no need for it), this system could change without warning or some players may no longer be able to claim abandoned builds. Proximity to other players and other players' requests to build in the space may be considered as a factor in any abandonment decisions. Before any claim is removed, a snapshot will be saved in case of error.

For players who know that they will be away for an extended period of time or who will have intermittent availability due to reasons but are intending to return, they will be able to post in a forum thread about extended absences. In this thread, they can post an explanation (however much they care to, we realize some topics are personal and/or sensitive) and must include an idea of how long they might be gone and these will be taken into account when establishing whether a claim has been 'abandoned'. If this system is abused, it will no longer be offered.

To be clear, to go from having a claim and having it removed means you would have to not log in to the server for around a couple of months and provide no prior notice for your absence.

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Re: Horizons Server Rules

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