Xenphek 3 Day Ban Appeal

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Xenphek 3 Day Ban Appeal

Post by Xen » 03 Aug 2015, 18:43

ill tell exactly what happened. i was in the end realm or whatever its called looking around the floating island personal_Builder was there ftalkin me cause he was busy building on the island and dident want me there. but i dident break his stuff or do anything to cause him any harm besides running around the island looking. i ran onto the platform with the START sign above it. personal_Builder broke the ground form under me while i was standing still and i fell to my death, losing everything i had. then he logged off the game. i was transported home aand asked a mod to help me. maf came to my aid. we went to the scene of the crime and maf checked his logs i assume to check the block cutting. for some reason none the blocks even showed to be broken around the time. So maf said i was lieing and banned me therefore.

thanks for hearing me out, Xen

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Re: Xenphek 3 Day Ban Appeal

Post by wokka1 » 03 Aug 2015, 18:48

Appeal denied, serve your sentence and come back in 3 days.

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Re: Xenphek 3 Day Ban Appeal

Post by Mafeeeh » 04 Aug 2015, 06:14

Xenphek is unbanned. The logs weren't up to date and after questioning personal_builder he confirmed he killed Xenphek. I unbanned him and this post is to clear it all up. This ban is off the record and no longer applies to Xen's record.

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Re: Xenphek 3 Day Ban Appeal

Post by Aerobotic » 30 Mar 2016, 04:31

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