Wesington [Tolteca]

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Wesington [Tolteca]

Post by It'sDaveHD » 29 May 2013, 06:57

Welcome to Wesington!

This is my only town at the moment. We are located in West Tolteca according to the direction labels at the Tolteca GS. We currently border the W. Tolteca rail (Look for the wooden "hub"), Hytro's netherrack tower, Random's Twisted Tower, and Emerald Outpost. The Toltecan Empire meeting chamber is also located in our town. We are currently trying to develop our flat area (If you want in, let me know).

Town Staff (note: administrator status below does not reflect server administrator status:
:arrow: Westman321 [Mayor] [Admin] [Mentor]
:arrow: Rc22 [Admin] [Mentor] [Guard]
:arrow: Hiboby1998 [Admin] [Redstone Chairperson]

Town Rules:
:arrow: All server rules apply except you may build withing 20 blocks of another resident
:arrow: Replant all public farms
:arrow: No derping of any kind
:arrow: Have fun!

:?: If you have any questions or concerns, ask me in game or in our forum below!

:!: Look up the Toltecan Empire on the Escapecraft forums!
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