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EC Server Rules

Post by Tulonsae » 29 Oct 2017, 15:42

EC Server Rules

These are the general rules for the EC Server (the set of worlds connected together from the main URL).

1. Don't Be a Jerk

We have zero tolerance for harassment.

Everyone is here to have fun. Don't try to have your fun at the expense of someone else. This serves as a catch-all rule for players who attempt to degrade the experience of others. Don't do that, and you'll be fine.

2. Respect Others

Do not steal or grief. Play nice.

Do not steal other players' items or destroy their homes. You may not take or break any item or block that does not belong to you, regardless of whether it is claimed or not. Unclaimed areas in the wilderness are fair game, but if you are unsure if an area is claimed, it very likely is. If you did not build it, it does not belong to you, even if the player who does own it has not logged in recently.

Do not be rude in chat or in-game. This includes spamming, insults, threats, harassment, excessive use of capitals, etc. Be nice to each other.

3. Play Fair

No cheats, hacks, trolling, or raids.

Client mods are acceptable as long as they are not used for cheating (e.g., no x-ray). JourneyMap is fine and we have installed its server plugin to support it. Other acceptable plugins are: Optifine, World edit CUI, and World edit. If you are not sure about a plugin, please ask an admin or other member of staff.

4. Chat Friendly

Mind the audience and write in English only please.

This server language is English, so please stick to English, as much as possible, in the general chat channel (/g or /ch g). Please do not swear excessively and try to keep discussions of an adult nature in private channels. (Note: we do have logs of all chat. Keep that in mind.) We often have younger players - please use your best judgment on what is appropriate and what isn't.

5. Mark your claims.

Type /claim to be given in-game instructions on how to setup your claim. Ask a mod or other players if you need help.

Please mark the borders of your claim (corners are fine) and get a mod to set up the protection as soon as you can. (We use the WorldGuard Regions plugin for this.) We'll have more detailed documentation very soon.

Please be courteous to other players and build a reasonable distance away from their claims (unless you're both cooperating on an area, like a town) - 20 blocks or so is a good minimum distance.

6. Do Not Mini-mod

Leave the moderator work to mods. Do not be a mini-mod, rules-lawyer, or indignant about what other players do.

If you have an issue, please contact a member of staff. If no staff are ingame, you can use the Ticket system (type /ticket create description-of-problem-or-issue).

Also, do not use these rules as an excuse to build near people, harass people or lower the playing experience of others. If you abuse these rules, you are breaking the rules. Do not attempt to enforce the rules if you are not in a position of authority. You are (typically) not responsible for the actions of others; as such, it is not your job or your place to direct them. Do note, however, that you are, of course, encouraged to assist new players in learning the policies of the server - just don't be someone who constantly chastises others.

7. Respect the Moderators

Respect the staff and listen to them.

Moderators have the final say on what these rules mean - please follow their directions. If you have an issue with something, you may put in a support ticket or a post in our forums.

If you feel that you have been banned unjustly, you may appeal the ban in our forums. Any judgment made at the end of the appeal is final.

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