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Re: Yggdrasil

Post by tanisjihanis » 06 Feb 2013, 10:29

Working on the dome now. We need to finish up the last branch and then it's mostly dome work for a while. If you want to help with the dome, there is a backbone set up with signs noting the radius of each consecutively lower dome on the circle. Just take some dirt from the top chests and make a circle using the radius noted and mineconics.net. Later, we will plant trees on these circles to create the actual dome.

In terms of the landscaping: we are going to flatten everything then sculpt out hills and streams and whatnot. The sooner we get the dome finished, the better this will look, as we can remove all the snow from below to make a beautiful and lightly forested rolling hills beneath dotted with plots.

I'm also considering opening up near by air space for (self built or bought) airship plots.
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